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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> feign year old girl pulled from a local school accused of of making threats against a teacher. >> it happened at regard nor high school. police say that teen wrote the threats in a notebook. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser life in wane tonight where officials just wrapped up a news conference. dave? >> reporter: iain, they did. this all unfolded starting around 11:30 this morning when school administrators became aware of a notebook with some writing that is included threats from a 17 year old senior at radnor high school. they quickly investigated. called radnor police. radnor police were on the scene at the high school. checked the whole thing out. they actually seized the notebooks. we have some video of the note books in question there. two note books. in there were specific threats made columbine like threats, according to the superintendent of police out here, william colarulo all kinds of details about killing a teacher and potentially killing students. and then potentially doing harm
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to herself. all kinds of information in these note books detailed at this conference some of it we don't want to talk about here on tv there was a letter written by this young lady to the parents of one of the columbine shoote shooters. now, during the news conference superintendent william colarulo detailed some of the threats made in these neat books. >> she was also making entries into the journal regarding what she planned to do to a specific teacher and other students. she made references to killing a teacher, killing her fellow students in a certain manner and also by injuring herself. >> reporter: now the student was brought here to radnor police headquarters with her parents. she was questioned extensively. a search was performed at her home in her locker and areas of the school where she's known to frequent. no weapons were found. no indication that she planned to further these threats but the threats were extremely serious.
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tonight, she is receiving some psychological counseling and evaluation here, and she is expected to be charged as a juvenile after that is all completed with at least making terroristic threats at this point. police continue to investigate. they want to reassure parents and students there's no threat currently at the school. there is nothing that indicated she planned to further this but the writings were very serious. they were very specific. and they did receiver to columbine several times. we will have much more on this coming up at 10:00 o'clock. lucy? >> all right, we'll see you then, dave. we are on top of a developing story in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. the video is so scary it shows a woman grabbed on a dark deserted city street forked all the way up the block and then into a car. she put up a fight but tonight she is missing and her family wants nothing more than for her to come home. let's get straight to fox 29's brad satin. he's live near the scene of the abduction in germantown. >> reporter: lucy, this crime
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at this point is about 20 hours old. it happened yesterday about 9:30. this 22 year old young woman what we know about her she is a cna certified nursing assistant the presbyterian hospital. according to her family she was with family last night. she had gotten off of a bus not far from here. she was walking down the street, came very close to this area here and that camera you see there on the side of that apartment building captured what happened next. flyers around the neighborhood tell the story of a missing woman. but it is this dramatic video released by police late this afternoon that shows the horror of twenty two year old carl leisha free land gaither being pulled and dragged in a car last night that now has her family begging for her savory lease. >> don't hurt her. please, don't hurt her. >> reporter: just another 9:30 p.m. the surveillance camera rah shows the suspects vehicle stops out of frame of camera on the one hadn't dread block of west colter street. the suspect gets out and approaches car leisha confronts her at the corner of colter and green streets and then in what
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looks to be against her will pulls her down the street and into the car which then take off but it appears she was able to kick out the car's side window first. everything happens happening so quickly most neighbors including the man whose home is right in front of that broken glass that who no idea. >> you were watching tv. yeah. >> reporter: 9:40 and heard -- >> nothing. >> reporter: car leisha's phone and glasses were found as the search continues there's still been no sign of her. family members believe this was not random. >> i believe she know the person. i believe she know the person who did it. roar report she just got tepp off the bus last night was walking home when she was confronted. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: it's not the only attack in the past week. there's no indication of any connection here. >> neighbor of mine a friend of mine was robbed at gun point, um, two blocks from here. >> reporter: when? >> thursday night. >> reporter: three days later this dad needs some answers. >> i just want my daughter back home. >> reporter: now you heard family members believe this was
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not random. we just talked to police a few minutes ago. they are going with the theory right now that this case was a random act. obviously, that surveillance video a big part of this case as far as this 22 year old she is 5-foot three, 125 pounds. at the time she was wearing a sweater described as gray and white. she was wearing blue jeans, with shoes being described as tan and green. as far as the vehicle they got in towing, possibly a four door gray forward for taurus. of course, anyone with any information being asked to contact police. lucy? >> hopefully she's found and found fast, brad. thank you so much. nothing but red lights and slow going along i-95 northbound in tinicum township. that looks terrible and it follows a deadly crash earlier this afternoon at the bartram avenue exit. it happened just before 2:00 and as you can see it's still crushing the evening rush. state police are investigating what happened. early winter blast and your fox 29 weather authority.
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now here's a live look outside at center city. you know it's getting darker whole lot earlier around 5:00 o'clock clocks fell back and also colder with a combination of wind and temperatures, that's making it feel like winter. but chief meteorologist scott williams says, things are going to get a little better. >> they are, iain. the morning lows in the 30s. it was 36 in philadelphia. trenton 37. mid 30s in atlantic city. but take a look at temperatures right now. in the low 50s if you are stepping outdoors, have a light jacket or a sweater. those temperatures will be dropping. it will be another chilly overnight. in the 40s already in atlantic city. upper 40s in dover. as well as the lehigh valley. so as we take you hour by hour low 50s across the area. dropping into the upper 40s by 11:00 o'clock. so it will be chilly overnight. but coming up, some milder air will be moving in. mid to upper 60s even. but also we're looking ahead with our next threat for rainfall. i'll talk about when that system arrives and how much rain to expect iain and lucy with the seven day coming up. >> see you then, scott. happening now, a north
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philadelphia officials serving an eviction notice made a very dangerous discovery. skyfox over a warehouse rigged with shotgun shell booby traps, one person is hurt at that warehouse on west sedgley avenue. fox 29's chris o'connell. chris? >> reporter: lucy, booby traps, trip wires and shotgun shells. that is how philadelphia police say a man was trying to protect a massive 4-acre warehouse property here in north philadelphia. but tonight that man is facing charges and another man is recovering from injuries he suffered after one of those explosives detonated. >> bomb disposal unit spent the whole day sevenning the old jopac warehouse for booby traps set around the building described by police as sophisticated devices designed to cause injury. fox 29 obtained a photograph of the spring loaded shotgun shells packed with plastic pellets.
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police arrived around 9:15 this morning to serve an eviction notice because the former owners had been living here after they sold the property back in march. when police got here, the man had told them about the devices, but not all of them. >> the new owner actually tripped one of them. received a minor injury. >> reporter: police say the devices were planted to keep away trespassers and metal scrap%. neighbors say the former owner has been here for years and they're known as good neighbors. >> every night, two, 3:00 o'clock in the morning, junk kerrs, trucks pulling up there e breaking in this property and stuff like that all the time. >> reporter: so you think whatever was in there was for his protection? >> exactly. >> reporter: former owners have been taken into custody. facing charges of reckless endangerment and simple assault. >> there's 10 buildings, there's underground, there are multi stories. so this is going to become a very lengthy an very costly operation. >> reporter: outlie there could be more devices in there? >> i'm going to -- we're going
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to assume that there are. >> reporter: search of the building has been called off for the night. you see police officer here will be guarding this warehouse all night. a bomb disposal and homeland security teams will be back here at daylight tomorrow morning to search for more devices. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. a grand jury has indicted a trenton woman for stabbing and killing her ex-boyfriend in february. 57 year old edna wright faces first degree murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges. prosecutors say wright killed 55 year old dwells clark. she remains in jail in lieu of 75,000 dollars bail. >> a costly case of arson in buck county. seven trucks were torched this morning. skyfox over the scene on collide weight road in bristol township. firefighters say they found trucks burning in two different spots in this lot. the bristol township fire marshal is bringing in some help to try and figure out who did it. >> obviously the police department is involved in this investigation and i've also solicited the assistance of the
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atf for the resources they bring to assist me with the investigation. >> damage is estimated at nearly half a million dollars. 13 year after the terrorist attacks that changed everything, a huge day for the american spirit. >> one world trade center opens for business. the small steps made today being felt around the world. >> and critics say governor corbett slashed public school funding. governor says no, no, he actually beefed spending. on the eve of pennsylvania's hotly contested gubernatorial election, we'll crunch the numbers and give you some facts. >> the eagles are halfway through the season. and in first place. keep on losing players. to more yesterday. what were the mrism results? the results coming up in sports. >> plus construction, debris, abandoned mowers, rusting vehicles, who would leave a property looking like this? and why are taxpayers on the hook to pay some of the bills? tonight at 10:00 fox 29
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>> news is breaking. sky fox is over it. a pick up has crashed into a police station at springfield township, bucks county. now this happened just before 6:00. just a few minutes ago. we understand that medics have taken one person from that pickup truck. we do not have any word on injuries. of course, we'll bring you nor information as the news warrants. the doors of one world trade center are now open for business in lower manhattan. the first tenants moving in today. publishing giant will occupy 25 floors of the 104 story tower that dominates the manhattan skyline. it's opening comes 13 years after the 9/11 terror attacks. more than 170 employees moved in today. marking the historic occasion. >> this is a terrific day for lower manhattan. a wonderful day for new york city and absolutely great day for our company. >> by early 2015 about 3,000 more staffers will be moved in.
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>> you decide 2014 and the pennsylvania race everybody is talking about. poll shows tom wolf in very good position to unseat incumbent republican governor tom corbett. at the issue at the center of all the issues of this is education spending. so has governor corbett hemmed or hurt school children? >> bruce gordon joins us now. bruce the claims and counterclaims enough to make you dizzy. >> reporter: yeah. we're still spinning. right from the start the wolf camp has made the claim that corbett's slashed public school funding creating a mess for philadelphia schools in particular. it's a bold claim, and corbett's counter is just as bold. but who is telling the truth? >> the claim has been hammered endlessly on wolf's tv campaign ads. >> tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. >> reporter: it's been loudly repeated at nearly every school funding protest this summer and fall. with philadelphia schools in particular in dire financial
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shape, it's no wonder the governor has been taking a beating in a city where democrats out number republicans by nearly eight to one. >> i really don't believe the current governor as far as his policies and education. >> reporter: governor corbett denies cutting fund he used his wife susan to claim he's done right by pennsylvania school kids. >> he's increased spending in the education department $1.5 billion over what it was when he came into office. >> reporter: billion dollar cut, billion and a half in increased spending, that cone both be right. but fact and good government advocate ellen, say they are. sort. >> each of them has accurate claims depending on what you're counting. >> reporter: what you're lead leaving out. >> and what you're leaving out. >> reporter: wolf compares corbett spending to that of his predecessor ed rendell, but governor rendell had the benefit of lots of federal stimulus dollars to boost school spending. that money was never meant to be on-going funding source. so it's not fair for wolf to count that against corbett. the other hand corbett uses big
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increases in pension contributions to argue he's boosted school spending. but that money doesn't wind up in classrooms. he goes to retired teachers. so the fact checkers argue it's a somewhat bogus boast. the truth may lie in between the competing claims but the dollar figures may ultimately prove meaningless. says cap land -- >> people tend not to look at the actual numbers. they have a perception, and that's what they go on, when they go to the polls to vote. >> reporter: if that is in fact the case then democrats may have won the perception battle already. governor corbett's job approval numbers this year have been underwater. and among those who think he's done just a fair or even a poor job as governor, the polling shows school funding tops their list of complaints. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. of course we'll have complete election day coverage for you on our website right there at you'll find race results right here tomorrow night. just click on election 2014 on your home page. >> now back to your fox 29 weather authority. >> you know i was going to work
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in the garden this weekend. (laughter). >> might have gotten blown away. >> my garr zen is somewhere in kansas underneath a house with rain slicker. you got some rainfall, though. it was damp and dreary gloomy weekend. temperatures were in the 40s. we saw about an inch of rain on saturday. it was a cold start to your monday. temperatures in the 30s. right now we're in the low 50s a couple of folks waiting at the bus stop outside of our studios. you can see they have on their fall wardrobe so grab that jacket or sweater if you're stepping outdoors. upper 40s low 50s right now across the area. we'll stay dry and quite but there will be a fall chill in the air. temperatures will eventually drop into the upper 40s by 11:00 o'clock. if you like the mid to upper 60s, they're on the way. we're looking at a wind shift tomorrow out ahead of our next system and that will bring us temperatures above average. high pressure is in control right now. here's our next system. not until thursday when it arrives that we expect to see some rainfall. but as we watch the clock, high pressure to our south.
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it's in control. winds around high pressure are clockwise. so those winds tomorrow will be out of the south and west throughout the day. as we move into wednesday, winds out of the south and west. so we'll continue to find those temperatures above average. but watch what happens as we move into wednesday night and thursday. the clouds start to thicken here's 10:00 o'clock on wednesday watching rainfall move toward the the pocono mountains. as we move into your thursday, that system will be right on top of us with moderate to heavy rainfall. so for tuesday and wednesday, it's going to be pretty comfortable. cool chilly starts but temperatures in the afternoon will flirt with 70 in some locations. and then by thursday, we're looking at damp and dreary conditions. about an inch or more of rainfall by thursday and then by friday, we start to clear out and turn much cooler so temperatures really take a dip for friday and into the upcoming weekend. for tonight, not as cold as last night but it will be chilly. low 40s in the city. mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. 66 degrees tomorrow.
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that will be about 5 degrees above average. so it's going to be pretty comfortable for election day. get out and vote. as we move toward wednesday, we cloud up, but stay dry most of the day. 67 for the high. wednesday night into thursday we're watching for the rainfall. it's going to be pretty much a wash out as we move toward thursday with that inch or more of rain but it's not really going to be a chilly raw rain like we saw over the weekend. temperatures pretty mild in the low 60s. but behind it, 54 on friday. 50 for saturday. staying below average for the upcoming weekend and what about some eagles football next monday night. yeah, temperatures are going to be chilly. falling into the 30s. how about that? >> we are into notify now. >> we are. >> thank you, scott. >> i'm ready. i'm ready. as long as it doesn't rain or snow, i'm fine. no problem. >> all right. the eagles, they lost two more players yesterday to injuries. not good news. it looks like it may be three players. so what is the key injury? would it be nick foles? demeco
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>> monday morning quarterback is sponsored by xfinity your home for the most live sports. ♪ >> eagles are in first place in the division. that's a big win yesterday in houston. they're now six and two and it's halfway through the season, but the eagles have lost players to injury. two more yesterday maybe the
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bigger quarterback injury is demeco ryans. i think that's big and let's give by the way demeco ryans is out for the season with a ruptured achilleas 10. that's six to nine month injury. and then it's the quarterback. the quarterback nick foles. this is not good. collarbone clavicle whatever you want to call it, it hurts and it hurt him on the side line. he's out for sick weeks but no surgery. mark sanchez comes in. how about this? the first pass he throws, chip kelly -- look chip chip kelly calls let's go for it and he did. but the coach has confidence in the quarterback. >> i feel great about mark. we felt great about him all along. one of the things we what happened to do i always said we need to have two quarter bangs the chance to get him in here i thought he's done a great job in our system. he played out staning in the preseason. um, and showed no rust or anything when he got in there. um, against houston yesterday we feel real confident in obviously bad for nick that he's out but i feel very confident in mark if
6:26 pm
we got to go in that direction. >> what haskill the eagles, those turnovers. four more yesterday. really hard to win games when you turn the ball over. it happens too many times. you normally won't win on the road when you do that. >> i think it speaks to how good -- first of all our good our defense s our defense has done an outstanding job for all year and put in bad positions by us. they're still able to go out there and limit the points the opposing team scores. >> we thrive on those situations much it's been happening for us as the season goes, and we love to go out there and kind of reaction, you know, and make stops obviously for us today we didn't get the turnovers we needed to. >> let me just say todd harremins, what an unbelievable guy. he plays with a torn biceps. shouldn't have. until evan mathis comes back next week. he is probably done for the season. i would say surgery probably within the next week. but he gave it his shot for the eagles and gave them as much as we can. >> big win. >> big effort by him.
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>> thank you how war. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10: 10:00. have a great night
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did he cross the line? >> they should change the name from the freedom tower to the never going in there tower. >> did comedian chris rock go too far with his world trade center joke? >> who's the corporate sponsor? target? then, nascar slugfest. tale of the tape. who threw the first punch? plus, actress sherri shepherd and the baby her ex- husband says she wants nothing to do with. the marriage may be over. but what happens to the baby now? >> she has a lot of issues. >> exclusive. her ex's first tv interview. and how do you top this? >> i planned on doing